TapXR PC updater Manual


  1. Download the app to Windows, Mac, Linux (TBD)

  2. On MacOS

    1. Open the DMG and drag the Tap Manager.app to the Application folder

    2. Launch the app

    3. In the first launch, a warning message might appear

    4. Click “Show in Finder”

    5. Right click “Tap Manager.app” and select “Open”

    6. In the popup window, click “Open” once again

  3. On Windows - No installation needed. Just open the .exe file.


  1. Connect your TapXR to the computer with the charging cable.

  2. Make sure it gets into charging mode.

  3. Launch the updater app.

  4. The app should automatically detect your TapXR and search for available updates.

  5. Click “Update” if suggested.


  • The app doesn’t detect my device

    • Make sure TapXR is charging

    • Try closing the app, remove TapXR from the charger and try again

  • Update takes a long time

    • Some updates might take up to 5 minutes. Go get a coffee...

  • Any other weird issue

    • Contact me (Liron) and send the app log, located at:

      • MacOS: /Users/{your-username}/TapXRUpdater.log

      • Windows: C:\Users\{your-username}\TapXRUpdater.log

      • Linux: /home/{your-username}/TapXRUpdater.log